Saturday, August 01, 2009


Is it hard for us to appreciate something? Or do we just a pathetic ignorance?A hug, a kisses, handshake or even a "hello" could make someone's day meaningful. It shows care and people need that in life.

A simple appreciation are mostly forgotten where people always took it for granted. How many time do we hug our loved one in a day?None?Once?Twice?and how many hours in a week do you spend with your kids or your family?is that enough?

I attended a training few years back and the trainer did raised this issue. He was one superbusy human being. He first started to work at 16 or 17 years old in chemical industry due to poverty. Aye! he said the money was good but he didnt know what will come afterwards. As time flown, he become one succesful person and it is time for him to settle down and have family of his own. After 13 years of marriage he finally had a daughter, "god's give" he said, as he actually couldnt have a child due to previous contact with hazardous chemical stuff. Still the story continue. Since birth her daughter spends 2 years in a hospital before she allowed to go home. Still he work superhard to provide the best for his family until one day he collapsed, suffering a stroke and still living with a unremovable blood clot at certain part of his brain. Yes. Physically he recovered but Doc said the blood clot is too risky to be remove. He still live on with the fact that he can die at anytime. He then told us life is not all about busy life, good money, or status. It is all about appreciation. He then said "family first" appreciate them, love them, have a great life with them and dont wait till you finish your work or while u see them. A hug, phone call, sms would mean a lot. Dont wait for your husband, your wife, your children to come and give u a hug or kisses, you must make an effort to do that to them no matter the time or place. Then only u tend to appreciate your life more.

He is more stressing on family relationship rather than friendship. As he said "if you have 1000 friends, maybe only 1 of them will turn up during your hard time. So family first!"

Show your love!

Learn to appreciates! :)